How to Become a Christian

It is wonderful you are considering becoming a Christian. Before anyone can become a Christian, they need to be aware and accept certain things about reality. Otherwise, how to become a Christian may be meaningless to you.

God exists as one God but within God, there are three persons: The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

As the pure and holy God, God is the God of Absolutes. God has determined what is right and wrong. When we do not obey God, we will be punished forever.

We have been created by God and are under His authority. It is unfortunate but we have rebelled against God and are under His Judgment.

We can try to make ourselves right with God but we cannot do it. No one can make a wrong completely right again.

We cannot make ourselves right with God but God has through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus (who is God, Himself) came into this world and took upon Himself, human flesh.

While on this earth, Jesus took our place before God. As our Substitute, Jesus did two wonderful things for us. First, Jesus lived a perfect life for us that God demands we have. Second, Christ was punished in full for our sins, disobedience and rebellion.

The reason we know God has accepted what Jesus has done for us is this: Christ rose from the dead. When God, the Father, allowed Jesus to come alive again, God was saying He accepted Jesus as our Saviour and Substitute.

Now we can come to God, the Father, through Jesus and accept what Christ has done for us. When we do, God declares us right with Himself. We are now declared the adopted son or daughter of God.

So how can you become a Christian? Follow the steps below:

Realize God exists and you have offended Him by your sins and disobedience.

Truly and honestly tell God you are sorry for your sin and ask Him to forgive you because of what Jesus has done for you on the cross. (Remember Christ was punished in full for your sins.)

Ask God for eternal life and accept Jesus gift of righteousness as your own. (Remember Christ lived a life of righteousness for you.)

Thank God for making you right in His sight and adopting you as His son or daughter.

Rejoice and allow God to continue to work in your life.

Follow Christ for the rest of your life remembering you belong to Christ by God’s grace alone.

If you have done this or will in the future, welcome to the Family of Jesus Christ!  You are now a Christian!

P.S. Let us know you have accepted Jesus as your Saviour and if we can be of any help.